How long do the stickers last?

They will last the entire life of your phone. They are produced using high quality materials.

Are the stickers water resistant? 

Yes the stickers are completely water resistant, they won’t be coming off in the rain or if you happen to submerge your phone into water.  

Are the stickers suitable for phone cases? 

Yes, you can apply them to phone cases - although the stickers do not adhere to some silicone cases. 

Can you apply them onto anything other than phones?

Yes of course, our stickers can be applied onto anything with a flat surface, be it tablets or laptops or anything else you want! 

Will you be coming out with any more colours and designs? 

Yes, we are all about good design and will be releasing new colours and designs! Keep up to date with our latest releases on our social media channels and by signing up to our email alerts! If you want anything in particular, please do get in touch via our contact us page. 

Can you produce a bespoke logo or symbol? 

Yes, we can produce any logo or symbol by request. Please get in contact with us to discuss further. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we ship worldwide.